Once the pre-design information is compiled, the Architect and Civil Engineer work together to create a schematic site plan design followed by a schematic building design. The schematic design illustrates the basic concepts for the design based on the client’s vision for the project and includes the layout, massing and general selection of materials and colors. 

To put it simply, the schematic design phase is when you start developing out the basic form of your site and the building to be constructed on it. 

We recommend the client work closely with the design team during this phase to ensure we’re capturing the vision of the project and the essence of the overall brand while maintaining compliance with the jurisdiction design guidelines for the property. Oftentimes, your business model drives the design of the site layout, as well as highlighting architectural elements in the building design. 

As this is one of the most important phases of the project, we collaborate with our design consultants to ensure that every aspect of the design has been well thought out. The Project Architect will develop schematic site and building designs based off our understanding of your vision and then work with the Industry Consultant to ensure the site functions efficiently, the Civil Engineer to understand the existing conditions and engineering new site improvements, and the Landscape Architect for landscape placement and specifications.

While there will likely be a lot of back-and-forth during this phase of the project, it can actually be one of the more enjoyable phases for both the client and the consultants.

The timing of this project generally lasts between 10-20 business days, and can cost anywhere from roughly $3,000 to $15,000. 

 If the client hasn’t settled on any last minute details, they will be resolved in the upcoming design phases.