Architect: Hover Architecture
Structural: Performance Engineering
Mechanical & Plumbing: Thompson Engineering
Electrical: AE Design
Contractor: Aslan Corporation

Location: 6646 S Wadsworth Blvd, Littleton, CO
Square Feet: 5,195 SF
Completion: April 2017

The concept for the Living Water Express Car Wash was to design a building that resembled flowing water. After numerous modeling iterations, the design team came up with the idea of cascading waterfalls made from blue polycarbonate panels. The steel column and beam structure, along with continuous glazing is intended to minimize the appearance of the structure of the walls and roof and strengthen the illusion of an open wave along the length of the wash bay. The design worked so well, it became what is now the Car Wash Buildings prototype and sold to other car wash operators across the county.

The building is primarily designed around an open steel skeletal structure. This allowed us to apply the polycarbonate roof material across the steel members without the need for a roof substrate. This configuration allows natural light to filter through the roof and in to the wash bay. Masonry units were used around the office and equipment rooms for ease of equipment installation. Ultimately, this was replaced with a full steel structure in the developed prototype.

This project features several design elements not previously seen in Colorado. This location was the first in the state to include a belt conveyor system manufactured and installed by STI. It provides easy, comfortable loading not found in the traditional chain conveyor. The wash bay also features a continuous, full-height light wall, the first of its kind. The light wall is integrated in to the wall construction, with LED’s that can be programmed to display any color of your choosing. Along with Sonny’s equipment, this wash represents the latest in car wash technology, building design and customer experience.