If you want to attract more customers to your car wash, making sure that your storefront is aesthetically pleasing both inside and out is a great place to start. While most of us might associate interior design with Pinterest boards and HGTV, it’s actually an incredibly important element in the success of any business.  

Have you ever walked into a business and wondered how it was planned? Why certain features were included in the design? That’s because employee comfort, customer perceptions, and many more important indicators can all be directly tied to how people feel in your space. 

Commercial interior designers are tasked with a variety of goals and asked to make many important decisions, including furniture placement, which colors and textures to use, how to bring both form and function to a space and design from floor to ceiling. Not to mention, overseeing budgeting and the strategic direction of the business’ desired aesthetics. 

Every business has a personality or motif that they want to bring to life through their interior design. That can be done through the type of furniture and accessories you choose to display or the larger form and shape of the space as a whole.  

Let’s dive more into space as a concept, and its importance to the larger design plan. The first “space” we’re referring to is the two-dimensional one that includes length and width, and the three-dimensional one that includes height in that equation. A space (of either of these dimensions) that feels either too cluttered or too stark can easily throw customers off balance. 

We also touched on form earlier. To put it simply, forms are the shapes that add both contrast and balance to your space. They can be open or closed, geometric or natural, man-made or organic. 

And finally, another crucial element to interior design – color. Colors bring vibrance and life to objects and help to curate a mood. Depending on how you vary the use of specific hues and intensity levels, you can create an extremely curated feel in every room. 

The next time you visit a local business, make a mental note of how being in the space makes you feel. What do you like? What would you change? How can you incorporate those lessons into improving the interior design of your own business? 

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to decoration? 

In our opinion, it’s always best to consult with an expert. Hover Architecture provides space planning and interior design in Colorado and across the country that helps to create a functional environment for both employees and customers.