contributor Lindsey Quick published an article earlier this summer that dives into some advances in technology that are enabling more productive and practical sustainability efforts. The article focuses largely on water preservation and how technology can further these practices without detracting from customer satisfaction or experience. 

Quick goes on to mention how, in fact, a focus on sustainability tends to improve customer satisfaction scores considerably. 

The article starts by touching on the benefits of conserving water within your car wash operation – something we also discuss in our recent blog post on creating a greener business. Mister Car Wash is a good example that Quick calls out in the article, going the extra mile and even partnering with nonprofit Project Wet, an organization that is dedicated to solving critical environmental challenges by teaching the world about water and its impacts on sustainability. 

Jill Adams, the vice president of marketing for Mister Car Wash elaborates on their process saying, “Sensors will detect the length of your vehicle, and from there, products are carefully timed and applied to match the specifics of your car with high-efficiency nozzles and specialized spray patterns that make use of every drop.”

All of the leftover water is recycled back into the washing process if it can be reused safely, and if it can’t, it is returned to the larger city system. 

Of course, there are lots of different technologies and methods under the larger umbrella of sustainable business practices, especially in the car wash space. Quick mentions reverse osmosis systems, water reclamation, high-tech dryers, and more. 

Read the rest of the article for more in-depth information on how to make your business greener, and for more insights and information on the car washing industry as a whole, contact us to learn how Hover Architecture can turn your design dreams into a reality.