School mornings are hectic again, the leaves are beginning to turn, and before you know it, the first snow of the season will fall. It’s time to start preparing your property for winter.

Already? Yes. 

Imagine this – it’s the dead of winter, and the middle of the night. Your site alarm goes off. You realize your bay doors are frozen.

Before long, lead times for service can take weeks, if not months. Get ahead of any necessary tests now and make sure you’re running properly before winter hits. Call your service company to schedule a site visit and confirm that both your heaters, doors, and control systems are workable and up-to-code. 

Another way to prepare for winter weather is by printing signs warning customers of potential hazards.

In an environment like a car wash, the ground is likely to be wet most of the time – that means slippery ice when temperatures fall. Not only can this be dangerous for your customers, but it can make the actual car wash process difficult if brushes and other cleaning products freeze. If someone accidentally uses a frozen brush on their car, they will cause damage. Posting signs to keep customers safe is not only the right thing to do, but the wise thing to do in the unlikely event of an incident that leads to a lawsuit as a result of a fall or damaged vehicle. 

Of course, the changing seasons don’t only just bring potential obstacles – they also bring opportunities. Winter is the perfect time to add service offerings, test loyalty packages, and do more to increase your bottom line. 

Certain product areas will need restocking around this time of year, especially those that deal with driver visibility and windshield maintenance. We like this Invisible Glass Clean & Repel that works to clean glass surfaces and keep windshields clear of rain and snow. Another product that we recommend is Armor All’s car headlights cleaner wipes

Take our advice, and this winter will be another successful season of business for your car wash. Stay ahead of your competition by staying ahead of the weather. 

Contact Hover if you have more questions on how to make sure your wash is ready for a successful winter season!